What: Required Performance
When: Saturday, April 8th
Wear: Tuxedos & Black Dresses (Ladies – no flip flops – Men – black socks!)
Where: Jefferson High School – On SATURDAY, you will NOT be able to enter the music wing until we all enter as a group. You must take your instrument (and “stuff”) out of here (on Friday, April 7th) after school. You can also take your stuff out of here Thursday. We will have a “home room” in the academic wing where you may leave things. I will know the room number by class time on Thursday, April 6th.
Specifics for your performance
2:30pm – Arrive at JHS – meet in our homeroom area – be dressed and have your instrument(s) & music ready by 2:45pm.
2:50pm – Transit to Warm-Up
2:55pm – Warm-Up (Small Instrumental Room)
3:25pm – Transit to Stage
3:30pmPerformance (Theatre) – Friends/relatives wanting to watch our performance must arrive ahead of this time or they might miss our performance. No one is allowed into the theatre once we start. These are ISSMA rules, and we must follow them.
4:05pm – Sight-reading (Large Instrumental Room) – This is for band members only. As soon as we are finished (approximately 4:30pm), you may leave.
One More Time:
Take your music & instrument with you after school on Friday, April 7th(or Thursday). There will be a storage area for instruments in the academic wing. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE MUSIC WING DURING THE WEEKEND OTHER THAN YOUR PERFORMANCE TIMES!


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